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Blessed Natural Primer


Cosmetics that reward your hard-working skin!
Happy skin through the bounty of nature.
The gentleness of a skincare regime.
A new make-up lotion with a super-comfortable texture that cares for your skin ♥

Give your hard-working skin a holiday!
"I'm worried about the condition of my skin because I wear full make-up every day."
"I don't like foundation because it feels heavy."
"I don't have time to spend on a skincare regime."
"But I just can't do without make-up!!!"
We can solve all these problems of busy girls who can't do without make-up!!!
Reward (1) Natural design that cares your skin
● Chemical-free formulation - No silicon, parabens, tar-based pigments, ultraviolet absorbers, synthetic perfumes, synthetic preservatives, petroleum-based surfactants or petroleum-derived ethanol.
● We have created this using no petroleum-derived raw materials.
Reward (2) A base cream with a skincare approach
● Uses a meticulously-selected water-based formulation of the type employed in skincare lotions and creams.
● Fresh, moist texture and comfortable fit that won't feel oppressive.
● Contains "non-powdery powder", to create a natural-looking complexion that avoids the powdery, caked finish that natural cosmetics are prone to give.
Reward (3) Four-in-one product
  1. Sunscreen: SPF25/PA++. Reassuring UV-reducing effect.
  2. Daytime moisturizing serum: Contains natural moisturizing and beautifying ingredients, to care for your skin while you wear make-up.
  3. Make-up base: Soft-focus powder blurs pores to create smooth, clear-looking skin.
  4. Light foundation: Blends in well with your skin tone to provide natural-looking cover for dull or patchy complexions.
Reward (4) Organic and natural ingredients (moisturizing ingredients) care your skin
● Organic basic ingredients: Edelweiss extract and jojoba seed oil keep your skin moist.
● Natural basic ingredients: Plant-derived squalane is an ingredient that moisturizes your skin.
● Contains Rosehip extract, lavender oil and geranium oil.
Reward (5) Saves time - no cleanser required
● You can simply rinse off your make-up at bath-time with your usual face wash.
● The biggest reward for your skin ♥ Getting plenty of sleep is the key to achieving beautiful skin.
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[01] Natural
Skincolor which is easy to grow accostomed to the skin. It covers dullness naturaly.