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Powder Eyebrow


A duo of light and dark powder shades, for well-defined, natural-looking eyebrows.

A range of subtle shades of brown that blend in well with your skin and hair, for eyebrows that look as though nature created them this way. Lightly defining without overemphasizing, this brow definer goes on with a soft, gentle touch that can only be achieved with a powder.
1. Apply the lighter shade from the arch of your eyebrow to the outer end and then apply once more to the whole of the eyebrow.
2. Gradually apply the darker shade to the outer end of the eyebrow and then smudge any remaining powder towards the part of the eyebrow closest to your nose.

Use the lighter shade alone for soft, smoky-looking eyebrows like peach fuzz. Mix the two shades to create a color that matches your natural eyebrow color. Use both to provide greater definition through natural variations in shading.
color image
[12] light
Subdued light brown
color image
[15] soft☆
Light yellowish-brown with microparticulate gold pearl highlights
color image
[16] natural☆
Micro-particle silver pearl in a faintly olive natural brown.
color image
[18] Sweet Mocha☆
A pearl-free pinkish-brown. A soft color for a gentle look that enhances your femininity.
☆...Lame or Pearl