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Eyebrow Liquid


Won't disappear! Liquid eyebrow is fast-drying, resists rubbing and skin oils, and fills in small spaces.

Resists rubbing & skin oils!
Even if you touch the line by mistake - or skin oil wells up - the line will not change! Line will not bleed or disappear due to rubbing or skin oils.
A natural finish
Layer on this thin application type to achieve the thickness you want.
Foundation makeup, skin oil, and moisturizer will cause the brush tip to plug up. We recommend you press lightly with a tissue before applying foundation, and after using the brush, wipe the tip lightly with a tissue.
color image
[01] Natural Brown
Grayish dark brown goes well with dark hair.
color image
[02] Light Brown
Light brown with a touch of red, to go well with slightly lighter hair colors.