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Eye Shadow

Jewelstar Eyes


Eyeshadow with a wet-look shimmer. Create a sparkle that you cannot achieve with powder eyeshadow! Lame particles will not shed and you have perfect control over the sparkle and color, according to how you apply it.

The melting texture with a high proportion of pearl particles creates a pearl-rich shimmer.
·Long-lasting sparkle that will look just as good on your eyes as it does in the packaging.
·Vibrant colors that give a finish that you will love, even when using them on their own.
Perfect control over the sparkle and color, according to how you apply it.
·Layer the shades for an opulent finish like the sparkle of jewels.
·Blend over the eye socket to create a delicate, sophisticated sparkle like stardust.
·The soft, gel-like texture dries the second you apply it.
♥For low-key eye make-up with a lustrous shimmer♥
Smooth lightly over your lids with a fingertip for a delicate, translucent finish♥
→We recommend No.10,16,17

♥For a lower waterline with a moist sheen♥
Pat lightly onto your lower waterline to look even more adorable in an instant♥
→We recommend No.12

♥For dressier eye make-up with a flamboyant sparkle♥
Apply additional layers to boost color and sparkle, for the perfect party look♥
→We recommend No.01, 07
color image
[01] Crystal Silver☆
A white silver with a delicate shimmer. For a bright, translucent sparkle! Contains silver and gold pearl particles and silver lame particles.
color image
[07] Stone Gold☆
An opulent champagne gold. Ready to go for a party in an instant! Contains gold, silver and red pearl particles.
color image
[10] Heart Snow White☆
A light-polarizing white recommended as a base or a finishing color. The pink lame particles are heart-breakingly sweet♡
color image
[12] Pink Fantasist☆
Packed with pink pearl particles♡
Pink, silver and white pearl.
color image
[16] Jewelry Sugar Beige☆
A nude beige that combines sweetness with sophistication ♥
color image
[17] Pink Aurora☆
A glamorous pink-gold. Light-polarizing pearl particles look pink or beige, depending on the angle at which you look at them ♥
☆...Lame or Pearl