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Eye Shadow

ShimmerJelly Eyes


Milky gel type formulation that solves all of your eyeshadow worries in an instant.
What's more, it's waterproof, so it's resistant to water and sweat!

It's a milky gel, so it lasts all day long! Gives perfect color and a shimmering finish ♡
Waterproof formulation that's unusual in an eyeshadow.
Eye-friendly formulation ♡ Contains beautifying agents.
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[01] White Frosty☆
Perfect for use as a base! The mild, translucent pearl white beautifully highlights the color of any eyeshadow layered on top of it.
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[03] Strawberry Parfait☆
A cute, innocent baby pink. A bluish-pink that doesn't make your eyes look puffy, so it's ideal even for those who have tended to avoid pink shades in the past.
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[05] Caramel Chocolate☆
Eye make-up for those who place an emphasis on definition. A golden brown that blends in instantly, bringing out the depth of your eyes.
☆...Lamé or Pearl