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●Fine brush that makes it easy to apply along the lash line
●Thick brush for a soft, smoky finish

Secret Color Eyes


3 shades for a face that will turn heads ♥
You don’t have to be a make-up artist to get this sophisticated look!

Just add it to your usual eye make-up!
01 For eyes like a porcelain doll ♥
Red shadow adds a delicate tint
● Just adding a touch of red to the lower lids enhances the skin's translucence, giving you a pale and delicately girlish look ♥
The key to making it look natural is to apply it with a light touch ♪

Shader and highlighter enhance definition and make the most of your bone structure
● The magic of light and shade adds natural-looking depth and definition, as though these were the features you were born with ♥ We've focused on creating a soft, light shader that allows infinite variation in intensity, and a velvety-smooth highlighter with pearl microparticles that clings to your skin ♪

How To Use

A: Apply the red shadow along the lash line of your lower eyelids ♥
B: Apply the highlighter to enhance the definition of your features ♪
C: Finally, apply the shader in a line that joins the inner corners of your eyebrows to the bridge of your nose. Now you're good to go!!!

Big eyes ≠ heavy make-up!
03 Define the eye socket for bigger, yet natural-looking eyes ♥
Shades that blend in with your skin and the places where you apply them are the key
● A matte base color rich enough to provide just the right amount of coverage, teamed with a shading color and highlight color. Just layer the shades in order over the eye socket, starting at the right of the palette!
● By using light and shade to create a contrast between the center and the edges of the eye socket, you can enhance the contours of your eyelids, giving them a more rounded look! Your eyes will still look appealingly big, even when closed ♥

How To Use

1: Apply the color to the whole of the eye socket
2: Apply a sweep of shadow in an arc from the inner to the outer corner of your eye
3: Apply the highlighter to the center of the eye socket and you’re done!!!

color image
[01] Romantic Doll☆
For warm-toned complexions
color image
[03] Petit Chocolatier☆
For big eyes naturally
☆...Lame or Pearl