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Pop'n Jelly Gloss

An opulent sheen, a sparkle to rival the most brilliant jewel. A super-shiny lip gloss that will create plump, glamorous-looking lips. An essential item for the girl who wants it all !!!
A clear shimmer, sparkling like a jewel
★The light, non-sticky formulation provides vivid, long-lasting color.
★Contains an abundance of large and small lamé particles, for a shimmer that really stands out! For lips that sparkle like jewels.

For ultra-feminine lips with the ultimate pout
★Contains a volumizing complex that makes lips plumper and more feminine.
What does the volumizing complex do?
The volumizing complex protects your skin from peeling and chapping, and locks moisture into your lips.
As a result…
It products your lips from fine lines and keeps them looking full and plump.
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[07] Aurora Pink☆
A pure pink containing rose quartz. The twinkling pink semi-precious stones give you a cute look. A gloss that will improve your luck in love☆
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[09] Strawberry Milk☆
Contains diamond and rose quartz accents. Controls redness in your lips for a cute, nude-look make-up finish.
☆...Lamé or Pearl