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Your Lip Only Balm


The lip gloss that's yours and yours alone is available in a stick format!

SPF 15・PA ++
For your lips only – a lip color that's unique to you
● An astonishing gloss that turns pink as it reacts with moisture.
It reacts with the moisture in your lips, so the precise shade and depth of color differ from one wearer to another.
Simple to apply, even without a mirror.
● The slender stick format helps you maintain a neat lip line and apply the balm all the way to the corners of your mouth.
Won't wear off when you eat
● The color actually gets brighter over time, so it stays firmly on your lips.
SPF15 PA++ for UV reduction
● No need to worry about forgetting sun protection for your lips. Combines make-up, moisturizer, and sunscreen in a single product.
Apply the necessary amount to your lips, just like using an ordinary lipstick. Within a few minutes of applying, it turns from transparent to pink. The color becomes more vivid over time.

● Because of characteristic of the product, if you apply liquid to clothes,it's difficult to come off stain.Please be careful that clothing do not have it.
● When you remove make up,please kindly remove carefully by using cleansing(Oil,Cream type etc.)
● Because of characteristic of the product, there is possibirity the liquid and container change to pink because of change of the high humidity environment, the water which attached to a tip. But quality does not have any problem.
● There is individual difference in color development.
color image
Add just the right touch of gloss and complexion which makes natural lip
color image
Clear purple, for a more sophisticated look. Formulated for a richer color
color image
Smoky finish up with black nuance color