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comes with a super-soft brush!!

Powder Cheeks


Smooth and moist oil in cheek

Oil-In-Base Formula
● Contains fresh moisturize powder, which makes your skin moisturize with smooth and silky texture.
Formulation designed to cling to your cheeks!!!
● Contains a long-lasting effect powder
you can be sure your cheeks will keep looking soft and cute, absorbing extra sebum.
Contains 8 types of beautifying and moisturizing agents ♡
Hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ectoin, squalane, grapeseed oil, honey, royal jelly extract, and apple fruit extract
2 Types of Matte × Pearl
Adorable finish up for natural makeup
Luxuriant finish up for cheerful face or party makeup
color image
[PW20] Lollipop Pink☆
A bluish-pink that creates a bright, glamorous look.
color image
[PW23] Peach Pink☆
A peach that moves people to want to touch your cheeks. For a cute little girl impression.
color image
[PW25] Sugar Orange☆
A versatile pinkish-orange that is suitable for all skin types. For a sugar-sweet, cute impression ♥
color image
[PW28] Sweet Coral
A coral-pink that blends in well with your skin. For a gentle, sweet, girlish impression ♥
color image
[PW32] Nectarine Peach
A rich peach shade that offers a short-cut to seduction ♥ For an innocent appearance that looks as though you aren't wearing any make-up at all ♥
color image
[PW34] Little Apricot☆
Coral Orange that make your cheek look softy like a baby.
color image
[PW36] French Rose
A slightly subdued coral pink. For an adorably feminine look ♥
color image
[PW37] Rose Red
A rose red that gives your cheeks an adorable tint. Looks perfectly natural, as though you’re blushing ♥
color image
[PW38] Plum Pink
Dark pink that make your cheek look flushed naturally.
color image
[PW39] Violet Purple☆
A violet that enhances the translucence of your skin
color image
[PW40] Mimosa Yellow
A fresh yellow that looks like it’s been bathed in sunlight
☆...Lame or Pearl