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Eye Shadow

Eye Nuance


Packed with lame, pearl and light-polarizing pearl particles. Makes it easy to achieve subtle shade gradations!

A trio of eye shadows that even make-up novices can apply skilfully. Contains the polarizing pearl microparticle shadows lavishly, to give your eyes added translucence. Try combining the three colors in different ways to create colors that are unique to you.
how to use1. Eye shadow base
2. Use on the main part of your eyelid
3. Use to highlight the edge of the eyelid
Apply in the order 1. 2. 3. for shade gradations that give your eyes real depth
color image
[21] Royal Blue☆
A combination anyone can use – yellow and royal blue. Enjoy the appeal of a fresh, cute eye!
color image
[32] Chocolat Apple☆
The stylish new shade that's the apple of everyone's eye - a red-tinted eyeshadow! Simplicity itself! A little different from normal, but so easy to use! Introducing our new red-tinted eyeshadow♥
☆...Lame or Pearl