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Handy tube type

Wink Glow Eyes


Mesmerizingly sexy, voluptuous eyelids
A gloss shadow with a sophisticated, dewy shimmer

Won't build up in the crease of your eyelids
All you need for color gradation
Stands up to sweat and water.
Contains beautifying ingredients
Sophisticated, dewy shimmer ♥
● Contains fine-textured, high-intensity pearl to create a finish that shimmers rather than glitters ♪
● Unlike glitter, which ends up dotted here and there, the pearl particles spread evenly over your skin, giving your eyes a sophisticated, dewy shimmer that never looks flashy ♥

All you need for color gradation
● Apply a thin layer for a translucent, single-shade look ♪
● Enjoy 2 different looks with just one item: single-shade make-up and color gradation ♥

Won't build up in the crease of your eyelids!
● Contains ingredients that form a highly adhesive, waterproof film, so it won’t wear off your lids easily, even though it’s a liquid!
● Clings to your lids with just the right amount of stretch, providing even color. It won’t build up in the crease, either, so your eyes will still look perfect, even when you lower your gaze ♥
For a beautiful, long-lasting finish!
● Contains silky powder that becomes perfectly smooth when applied to your skin, while retaining its lustrous sheen!
●Non-oily formulation makes it easy to apply eyeliner over the top ♪

Contains beautifying ingredients!
[Moisturizing agents]
Sodium hyalurate, acerola fruit extract, mixed fruit extracts (crataegus cuneata fruit extract, jujube fruit extract, grapefruit fruit extract, apple fruit extract, orange juice, lemon juice, lime juice)
how to use Gently press the tube to squeeze out an amount about the size of a grain of rice onto the back of your hand, etc.
Lightly touch it to get a tiny amount of the product onto your finger.
Apply from the edge of the eyelid and blend.
If you wish to create a color gradation, apply another layer over the area where you want more intense color.
color image
[01] Terracotta Brown☆
A bright reddish-brown for sexy eyes.
color image
[02] Sakura Mauve☆
A smoky pink for a pretty, yet grown-up look.
color image
[03] Romantic Aurora☆
A combination of lavender and light-polarizing pearl particles for translucent eyes.
color image
[04] Lady Gold☆
A yellowish gold with pink pearl, for a sophisticated, yet cute look.
color image
[05] Apricot Cherry Tulle☆
A translucent milky coral red with an innocent and languorous air.
☆...Lame or Pearl