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Soft spatula follows the curve of your lips

Candy Wrap Rich Color


Contains 93% beautifying ingredients ♥
A lip gloss with the color intensity of a nail polish

The color intensity of a rich nail polish
● Dense, vivid color, as though you’ve applied nail polish to your lips.
● An all-in-one lip gloss that combines beautiful color with glossy, well-hydrated lips.

Contains 93% beautifying ingredients ♥
● Packed with beautifying and moisturizing agents, including sodium hyaluronate, honey, squalane and shea butter.
● Free from ethanol, mineral oils, UV-absorbers, and fragrance.

Smooth, lightweight texture
● Non-sticky. Goes on smoothly and clings to your lips. So light, you'll forget you're wearing it ♡
● One application is enough to coat lips evenly.

Tinting formula that clings to lips
● Formulated to create a soft film that you won’t even feel, ensuring that the color clings to your lips.
● The tinting formula ensures long-lasting color and an ideal finish, even after eating and drinking.

Slanted applicator
● The slanted applicator fits perfectly against your lips. The narrow tip makes it simple to apply the gloss along your lip line.

* After use, wipe the applicator with a tissue, etc. and then close the cap tightly to ensure hygienic storage.
* Ensure that this product does not come into contact with clothing during use.
* Carefully remove all traces of this product with cleanser when taking off your make-up.
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