Gel Volume Top Coat


¥638(tax included)



A must-have item for the DIY manicurist!
No UV lamp required ☆
A top coat that gives you plump, glossy nails like gel nails!
Quick-drying, without clouding or cracking ♡

● A finish just like thick, plump gel nails ☆
Achieve plump nails with a satisfying thickness without a UV lamp!
Even the roughest of nail surfaces adorned with abundant lamé particles is enveloped in a smooth coating.
● A shiny, glossy sparkle ☆
A wet-look shininess that emanates a certain sparkle.
● Dries in an instant ☆
Even thickly coated nails dry in the blink of an eye!
Excellent performance - although it is quick-drying, it will not cloud or crack.

Please note that the actual color may differ slightly from the pictures shown.