A cute design meets your eye when you first open it ❤
A cute design meets your eye when you first open it ❤

Melty Luminous Rouge

  • Fragrance-free


¥880(tax included)


[05]Strawberry Mocha

Brick-red makes you look like a seductive beauty.

[06]Bitter Ruby Chocolate

This chic pink-brown adds a touch of sophisticated sweetness.

A fresh rouge with a hydrating, velvety-smooth texture

Melts into your skin
● Lavishly formulated with a paste whose melting point is close to body temperature, so it seems to melt into your lips as soon as you stroke it on.
● Smooth-glide texture makes it ideal even for chapped lips.

Lightweight, non-greasy formula, so you can apply more than one coat
● Lightweight texture never feels heavy on your lips, no matter how many coats you apply, so it’s ideal for touching-up your make-up.

Sophisticated gloss × Beautiful color
● Contains high-gloss oil.
Gives lips a sophisticated sheen for lusciousness that you can really feel.
● Not too dazzling, not too understated...Beautiful color that conceals the natural shade of your lips and instantly makes your complexion brighter and more attractive.
● Long-lasting color and shine. (*Free from dyes)

Moisturizing effect prevents dryness
● Contains petrolatum (petroleum jelly) to prevent moisture evaporation.
Locks moisture into dryness-prone lips, keeping them plump and pillowy.
● Long-lasting moisturizing effect.

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