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Product Photo
Spatula Photo
Soft spatula follows the curve of your lips

Lip Tint Syrup


Hate the stickiness of lipgloss? Then this is for you.
A syrup-textured lip color with staying power.

A completely new syrup-like texture, which moisturizes without stickiness
● We've taken pains to create a comfortable, dry-touch texture, while minimizing the uncomfortable stickiness and sliminess that tends to increase in proportion to moisturizing ability.
● This syrup spreads lusciously over your lips, ensuring that you can enjoy lip make-up without worrying about hair or clothing sticking to your lips.
Color stays on even after eating
● The color actually gets brighter over time, so it stays firmly on your lips.
∗ The precise color will vary between individuals.
● The color stays in place even if you're eating and drinking, ensuring that make-up touch-ups after meals are simplicity itself.
Provides a naturally rosy look
● Gives lips a natural sheen that looks like you're not wearing any make-up at all.
The color develops as though your lips are gradually becoming rosier from within, creating a gentle look.
Apply the necessary amount to your lips, just like using an ordinary lip gloss.
The color begins to develop within a few minutes of application and then stays firmly on your lips.
∗ The precise color will vary between individuals.
color image
[01]Cherry tree syrup
Light pink of the natural finish
color image
[02]Strawberry syrup
Shear red to draw a feeling of complexion
color image
[03]Azalea syrup
Red pink to change color well
color image
[04]Poppy syrup
A yellowish-red for a brighter-looking complexion
color image
[05]Plum Syrup
Wine red, for a sophisticated look.