Comes with a brush
Comes with a brush



¥605(tax included)


[L01]Champagne Gold

A glamorous champagne gold that enhances definition with its radiant glow.

[N01]Silky Beige

A natural-looking beige that blends in well with your skin.

[Glamorous Glow] or [Natural]
A highlighter that lets you choose your preferred finish

Dewy, silky-smooth powder clings to your skin and blends in with your complexion.
Choose from two finishes.
[Glamorous Glow]For a rich, luminous finish
[Natural]For a delicately lustrous finish.

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Apply to your T-zone, undereye area, cheekbones to give your face an extra dimension of depth.

Please note that the actual color may differ slightly from the pictures shown.