For fingertips crammed with cuteness!

2020.06.29 商品情報

Hugely popular! Candy-sweet shades join the Colorful Nails range ❤

Hugely popular ♪
Colorful Nails makes fashionable fingertips fun ❤

N39 Petit Ballerina : Accented with twinkling pink pearl, this dusky pink won’t look garish against your skin.

Limited Color
N40 Raindrops : Aurora holographic glitter in a sheer purple base. For a dreamily cute aura.

Limited Color
N41 Sunset Glow : Glamorous and opulent : a salmon pink base packed with gold pearl.
 Sheer formula lets you adjust the shade as you choose.

N09 Peach Squash: A cherry blossom pink base with two shades of glitter, for stunningly pretty fingertips.

N24 Twinkle Drop : Aurora holographic glitter adds impact, whether alone or as a top coat.

N28 Smoky Aqua : A handy blue-gray that adds the perfect touch of style.
 Sheer formula lets you adjust the shade as you choose.

N29 Milk Syrup : A rich, sweet, translucent white that’s easy to apply.
 Sheer formula lets you adjust the shade as you choose.

N32 Misty Dream : The twinkle of light-polarizing blue pearl makes fingertips look dainty and translucent.

New! ❤
A nail foundation that adds a rosy glow to make nails look more beautiful!!!
A nail foundation that makes nails look more beautiful

Foundation Colors
No.01 Natural Pink : A nail foundation that makes nails look naturally beautiful.

Natural coverage
Ridges   Uneven color      Yellowness

Apply one coat as a tinted base coat
Apply two coats to serve as a nail foundation, for beautiful, natural-looking nails ❤

Easy to apply

Simple! Fun! DIY nail art ❤
Cute candy colors!

Absolutely adorable!

Use a sheer base color, then layer glitter over the top!
For translucent fingertips ❤

Team holographic glitter with pearl for outstanding opulence ❤

Create a candy-themed pattern as an accent nail!
Looks super-stylish when combined with muted shades!

Try out this on-trend swirly candy pattern!
Think of it like drawing an S that goes through the center of the nail!

~~~~How to Do the Perfect Home Manicure ❤~~~~

1. Using the Foundation Colors shade as a base, apply a thin layer to the tip and surface of the nail.
(For a sheer effect, use a transparent base coat)
We recommend starting with your dominant hand!

2. Stroke both sides of the brush well against the lip of the bottle, then apply Colorful Nails to the tips of your nails.

3. Next, apply to the middle of the nail, then the left and right sides, leaving a space of about 1 mm at the base of the nail.

4. Once dry, apply a second coat.
Hold the brush at an angle of about 45°, to ensure you don’t apply too much pressure.

5. Apply Gel Volume Top Coat to finish!
Creates a lusciously plump, juicy sheen that looks just like candy!