A cute design meets your eye when you first open it ❤
A cute design meets your eye when you first open it ❤

Melty Luminous Rouge(Tint type)

  • Fragrance-free


¥880(tax included)


[T02]Rose Milktea

Sophisticated pinkish-beige enhances all complexions.

[T03]Dearest Red

Adorable crimson red with the translucent finish.

[T04]Sweet Ganache

A mellow, sophisticated brown.

[T06]Sakura Angel

Baby pink, for lips just like a baby’s.

A fresh rouge with a tantalizingly moist texture.
Long-lasting translucent tint formula.

Tantalizingly smooth texture.
● Seems to melt into your skin when you apply it to your lips. Glides on smoothly and clings to your lips.

Lightweight, non-greasy formula, so you can apply more than one coat.
● Lightweight texture never feels heavy on your lips, no matter how many coats you apply, so it’s ideal for touching-up your make-up.

Tinting effect gives a long-lasting translucent finish and a sophisticated gloss.
● Beautiful translucent color that lasts for hours, thanks to the tinting effect.
● Contains beautifying oils. Keeps lips moist, while giving them a sophisticated sheen for lusciousness that you can really feel.
● You can adjust the intensity of color by applying more layers.

Lip care that guards against chapped and dry lips.
● Contains petrolatum (petroleum jelly) to prevent moisture evaporation. Locks moisture into dryness-prone lips, keeping them plump and pillowy for hours and minimizing the appearance of vertical lines.

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