Slender angled sleeve makes it simple to apply
Slender angled sleeve makes it simple to apply

Muchi Puru Tint


¥770(tax included)



An exquisite orange beige that exudes warmth.


A super-juicy rosy peach.

[03]Wine Berry

A rosewood that gives you an air of elegance.

[04]Choco Milk

This sophisticated brown delivers an understated look.

[05]Fig Puree

An elegantly sexy reddish rose pink.

[06]Raspberry Cake NEW COLOR

A mauve pink that creates an air of sweetness.

Melts and hydrates ♡
Voluptuously plumping* × Glossy tint
*Effect created by the make-up

Voluptuously plump lips
● The plumping effect conceals vertical lip lines and creates voluptuously plump, pillowy lips.
*Effect created by the make-up
● Refreshing cooling sensation.
Lusciously glossy tint
● Long-lasting, lusciously syrupy gloss.
● The high-color formula makes your entire complexion look a shade brighter when you apply it, yet allows you 
to adjust the intensity of color by applying additional layers.
● Tint formula designed to ensure color with staying power.
Tantalizingly velvety-smooth texture
● Glides on without resistance, ensuring even coverage that won’t feel heavy even if you apply additional layers.
Long-lasting hydration
● Moisturizing effect ensures you won’t need lip balm.
●Contains 6 types of beautifying and moisturizing agents
Petroleum, hyaluronic acid, collagen, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, honey, shea butter
4- free formulation
● Free from fragrance, parabens, alcohol, and silicone

・The product is very soft, so twist the sleeve slowly and gently to expose no more than about 1 mm before applying.
・Please note that the product can’t be retracted once you’ve twisted it up. Take care not to twist up too much.

Please note that the actual color may differ slightly from the pictures shown.