A quintet of fresh colors Light up your skin and your mood!

2023.03.31 商品情報

03 Plumeria Wreath—the long-awaited new shade from Marshmallow Finish Powder ~Abloom~!

5 colors to make your dreams come true! Get super-light marshmallow-soft skin.

New Color

03: Plumeria Wreath
Fresh-looking shades enhance your lightweight glamor.

You can also use each shade alone to deal with specific concerns.

Coral Add a rosy luminosity & Combats under-eye shadows and blemishes
Yellow Conceals dullness and corrects uneven color
Green Combat redness on the wings of your nose
Blue Adds translucence
White Use as highlighters

Look out for the ad on TV♡

CANMAKE Marshmallow finish powder ~Abloom~ ¥1,034(tax included)

Mirror and powder puff included
Contains natural mineral ingredients
Formulated with serum ingredients
Can be removed with face wash or soap
 *When used without other make-up products
UV protection
Resistant to sweat and sebum

01: Dearest Bouquet
5 color-correcting shades that provide a well-balanced brightening effect

02: Sakura Tulle
Enhance rosy luminosity with soft pink-toned shades

We’ve revamped our Foundation Colors! And added limited-edition shades ♡

We’ve revamped our Foundation Colors!

Change (1) Brush
Flat brush → Rounded brush
Fits the shape of your nail better, for easier application!

Change (2) Label design
Old → New
We changed the central symbol from a ♡ to a 🎀!

These milky colors are unbearably cute ♡

CANMAKE Foundation Colors ¥396(tax included)

Limited Color

06 Sheer Apricot
An apricot that blends in well with your skin, adding a natural-looking glow.
For a sophisticated impression ♡

Limited Color

07 Milky Orange
A milky orange that curbs dullness. For a fresh impression ♡

Marshmallow Finish Powder ~Abloom~03
Foundation Colors06
Glow Fleur Cheeks(Blend Type)B01
Mix Eyebrow09
Perfect Airy Eyebrow04
Perfect Stylist Eyes22
Creamy Touch Liner09
Off-Surun Mascara02
Stay-On Balm Rouge13 etc...

*Information current at the time of writing.