Limited Edition "Leather-effect compact"♡
Limited Edition "Leather-effect compact"♡

Marshmallow Finish Powder ~Abloom~

  • SPF19・PA++


¥1,034(tax included)

Refill 770yen


[01]Dearest Bouquet

5 color-correcting shades that provide a well-balanced brightening effect.

[02]Sakura Tulle

Enhance rosy luminosity with soft pink-toned shades.

[03]Plumeria Wreath

Fresh-looking shades enhance your lightweight glamor.

Brightens your complexion and keeps make-up looking fresh for hours.
Face powder for luminous, marshmallow-soft skin.

Long-lasting translucent, marshmallow-soft skin.
●Matte, marshmallow-soft finish.
●A single application to areas needing a luminosity boost provides long-lasting translucence.
●Blurs unevenness and conceals pores, giving skin a finely textured finish.

5 shades designed for a complexion-correcting effect.
●Corrects uneven color to leave your complexion looking brighter for hours.

Resistant to sweat and sebum, for superb staying power.
●Contains sebum-adsorbing powder to prevent the oils in your skin causing your make-up to run  (enhances shine resistance).

Contains 15 types of beautifying ingredients.
●Prevents skin from becoming rough, providing long-lasting protection against dryness.

Contains natural mineral ingredients—washes off with your usual face wash!
●No need to use a specialist cleanser to remove it. Your usual face wash is just fine. *When used without other make-up products.


How to Use Close the page

●Achieve your desired finish by adjusting the amount of powder applied ❤
If you want a clearly brighter tone:
→ Swirl the puff in a full circle around the powder.
If you want a more natural, but brighter tone:
→ Swirl the puff in a half-circle around the powder

★When using for the first time, fold the puff in half and rub the two halves together to blend the different colors.
★Lightly patting the powder onto your skin will create a soft finish.

●You can use the colors separately, too.
We also recommend using your finger to pick up your desired color and apply it to the relevant area.

Please note that the actual color may differ slightly from the pictures shown.