Eye-Bags Concealer

  • Waterproof


¥715(tax included)


[01]Yellow Beige

A bright, yellowish beige. For yellow-toned skin

[02]Pink Beige

A bright, pinkish beige. For blue-toned skin

[03]Peach Orange

A bright, pink-toned orange that adds a rosy glow.

Slim-tip concealer makes the under-eye area look naturally luscious

Creates a naturally luscious-looking under-eye area ●Slim 3 mm tip concealer makes the under-eye area look naturally plump and luscious. ●Delivers a finish that makes eyes look larger and won’t easily give away the fact that you’re wearing concealer.

Goes on super-smoothly
●Enables you to draw an even line along your lower eyelid. Formulated to minimize drag and resist clumping.
●Blends easily immediately after application and clings to your skin once dry!
●Also prevents glitter shed if you apply a glitter eyeshadow over it ♪

Stands up to water, sweat, tears, sebum, and rubbing

Won’t wear off easily
●Pigment won’t easily fade with the passage of time, so your make-up stays looking as fresh as it did when you first applied it.

Pinpoint-accurate, natural-looking coverage of blemishes and acne scars
●You can also use it to conceal stubble at the tail of shaved brows and for contouring

Contains beautifying and moisturizing ingredients

Formulation designed with your skin in mind
●Free from alcohol, parabens, tar-based pigments, and fragrances

How to Use Close the page

(1) Draw a line along the part of the under-eye area you want to look plumper
(2) Immediately after drawing the line, blend it with your finger to make your under-eye area

Please note that the actual color may differ slightly from the pictures shown.