MINI-brush won't rub against the skin beneath
MINI-brush won't rub against the skin beneath

Concealer Brow Mascara


¥748(tax included)


[01]Pink Beige

A pink-toned bright beige that thoroughly conceals black eyebrows.

Solve your black brow woes!
Create the bleached-brow look with this eyebrow concealer

Conceals black eyebrows!
An eyebrow concealer you apply over your natural eyebrows
● This eyebrow concealer covers up the black of your natural brows.
Toning down the presence of your brows makes it simple to create sophisticated-looking eyebrows ♡
● You can change the shape and impression of your brows at will,
to suit your make-up or your mood, without shaving or plucking your eyebrows more than necessary.

Makes the color of eyebrow products applied over the top stand out beautifully
● By concealing the natural color of your brows,the color of eyebrow powders and the like applied over the top will show up properly,enabling you to enjoy a wider range of eyebrow make-up.

Although it’s a concealer, it creates a soft, light finish
● This is a water-based formulation created from an eyebrow mascara base, so it gives brows a soft, light finish, while still providing thorough coverage.

Mini-brush makes application easy, without coating the skin beneath
● The brush features rounded bristles that are just the right length, despite its compact size.
Captures every single brow hair to coat it thoroughly.

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♡How to Use♡
Team it with any items you wish ♡
Pencil/liquid ▶
1 Apply this product from the tail of the brow toward the head, against the direction of growth.
2 Then apply from the head of the brow toward the tail, with the direction of growth.
♡ The key here is to apply the mascara only in the direction of growth (not against it)!
*Pressing too hard when applying other products over this one may cause this product to flake off, so please apply them gently.

Please note that the actual color may differ slightly from the pictures shown.