Curved brush follows the contour of your eyelids.
Curved brush follows the contour of your eyelids.

Off-Surun Mascara

  • Waterproof
  • Smudge-proof


¥748(tax included)



Black makes your eyes stand out.

[02]Milk Brown

Bright brown creates a gentle impression.

[03]Dark Cherry

A dark reddish-brown to bring out your inner vamp

Wave bye-bye to mascara remover!
Curl-preserving film mascara.

A curl-preserving mascara doesn’t have to be hard to remove.
●Everyone thinks mascaras with curl-holding power are a hassle to remove because of the need for a dedicated mascara remover.
However, Off-Surun Mascara is here to prove that a mascara with curl-holding power doesn’t have to be hard to remove—this curl-preserving mascara washes off with warm water.

Film-type formula boosts and preserves the curl of your lashes.
●Contains two film-forming agents: one forms a hard film, while the other forms a flexible film.
The hard film fixes the upward curl of your lashes in place, while the flexible film ensures it stands up to the repeated movement of blinking. Together they keep your lashes looking perky for hours on end.

Creates long, smooth lashes.
●We’ve added a polymer that forms liquid-like threads and a silky powder to create a super-smooth mascara fluid resistant to clumping.
●Wrapped in the smooth fluid, the 2 mm-long fibers lie neatly on your lashes.

Waterproof and smudge-proof.
●Waterproof formulation resistant to water, sweat, tears, and mask-induced humidity.
●Smudge-proof formulation stands up to sebum, preventing your mascara from running.

Easy to remove with warm water.
●To remove, gently pinch your lashes between your fingers and work the warm water in by moving your finger.

Please note that the actual color may differ slightly from the pictures shown.