Cream Cheek (Matte Type)


¥638(tax included)


[M01]Apple Compote

A delicate red providing a subtle warmth.

[M02]Chai Rose

A sophisticated, mellow pinkish beige.

[M03]Macaron Fraise

A dusky pink providing a soft and sweet impression.

Stands up to water, sweat, sebum, and rubbing!
Melted matte finish! Soft fresh blush!

Melted matte finish
● Delicately sheer matte finish, as though melted onto your skin.
Provides a soft tint to create a lightweight rosy luminosity.

Light-as-air texture
● Squishy, mousse-like light-as-air texture. Spreads easily over your cheeks and clings tightly to your skin.
● Dewy consistency creates a silky-smooth finish after application.

Superb staying power
● Stays in place for hours even when applied over foundation.
Achieves a flawless finish even when another layer is applied.

How to Use Close the page

(1) Use the pads of your fingers to take a little of the blush and dot it onto your cheeks like pressing down on a printing stamp.

(2) Gently spread it over your cheeks, as though joining the dots, and blend it in.

Please note that the actual color may differ slightly from the pictures shown.