Tapered applicator captures plenty of serum
Tapered applicator captures plenty of serum


¥825(tax included)



An eyelash serum you’ll want to apply every day

An eyelash serum whose container is as beautifully designed as the contents
● This eyelash serum contains 24 moisturizing ingredients.
  Designed not to be too runny or too sticky, the gel moisturizes each and every lash, adding resilience and bounce.
● Ease of holding and application were the top priorities in designing the container, whose color scheme conjures up a sense of clean freshness.

Tapered applicator captures plenty of serum
● We’ve designed the short tapered applicator to make it easy to apply the serum to the lashes at the inner and outer corners of your eyes
and to your lower lashes, too.
● The 1 mm-long pile of the applicator picks up enough of the serum to apply to the upper and lower lashes of one eye in a single application.

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Apply to the roots of your lashes at night, after washing your face and completing your bedtime skincare routine.
Wipe the applicator against the mouth of the bottle to adjust the quantity of serum.

Please note that the actual color may differ slightly from the pictures shown.