Silky Souffle Eyes (Matte Type)


¥825(tax included)


[M01]Sienna Wood

Warm orange-brown.

[M02]Chai Brick

Cute and stylish pink terracotta.

[M04]Cupid Petal

A coral pink brimming with joy.

[M05]Mahogany Mocha

A reddish brown with a tangible warmth.

[M06]Lima Greige

An understated, yet sophisticated pinkish-greige.

[M07]Tutu Ballerina

A charmingly sophisticated dusky pink that’s not too sweet

Dewy and long-lasting, with a rich texture ♡
A sheer matte eyeshadow that melts into your skin

Sheer matte texture seems to melt into your skin
● Contains luster-boosting Glow Oil to create a matte, yet translucent finish.
● Lightweight texture does not feel heavy or caked-on even when applying additional layers, enabling you to create beautiful color gradations.

1 shade features fine-textured super-sheer glitter
● The top left shade is a non-matte shadow containing fine-textured glitter. Has a lusciously velvety texture, despite being a powder.
● Dewy texture clings to your eyelids.
● Super-sheer shadow adds a pearl effect without altering the color of the main shades. Creates a sophisticated dainty shimmer.

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Shades B, C, and D are totally matte, with no glitter or pearl whatsoever!
◇A: Fine-textured super-sheer glitter
Apply it to the plump under-eye area or dab onto the center of your upper lids to finish your eye make-up ♡
◇B, D: Main colors
◇C: Liner color

★ Use the shades singly or as a trio—it’s up to you

Please note that the actual color may differ slightly from the pictures shown.